Dwarves are a short and stocky people with coarse, stone-like skin. They are skilled in the arts of Magick and the mastery of stone.

Due to living on the borders of the Oblivion Wastes Dwarves are infused and empowered by the pervasive arcane energies the permeates the rock of their subterranean home, Ruukhym. This limited exposure allows them to wield the powers of the arcane but to not be horrifically mutated by it.

Dwarven Magick is primal in nature, drawn from the wild energies stored within their bodies. This wild magick is difficult to focus, expelled in a raging torrent and is often released in powerful blasts. It takes many years of training for a dwarf restrict the flow of their powers and perform the more subtle arcane arts.

Intense concentrations of the arcane energy can prove painful, even fatal, to Dwarves. Over-exposure to these energies can overwhelm the inexperienced and untrained resulting in a spectacular death, vaporised by the broiling energies that their bodies were unable to contain. Ventures into the Wastes are only undertaken by the most disciplined dwarves.

Conversely, if a dwarf spends too long away from their homeland their powers will weaken over the years and eventually fade away. The continued use of magic also drains a dwarves’ stored power. This effect can be slowed with the use of specially carved Sigil Stones, often inserted into staves, which can store arcane energies and can be called upon when needed.

The strength of a dwarf’s power can often be judged by how bright their eyes glow. The most powerful casters often have to wear tinted eyeglasses to avoid blinding others with direct eye contact.


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